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     Yesterday & Tomorrow was created in 2012 to give high school vocalists and musicians a chance for serious development in a band environment working on original music. High school programs and individual lessons are great and so important for developing skills, we just want to add some creativity and expression on top of that foundation.

     Working with a band is very similar to playing team sports. Success in team sports depends on everyone working together toward a common goal. With everyone counting on each other, it’s easier to stay motivated and willingly put in the work. Teammates inspire better performances from each other while making sure that no single person has to shoulder the whole load.

     Young musicians, working with other talented and motivated students, make quicker and more substantial progress because of that connected ambition. Combined with focused direction to keep everything moving forward and on the right track, there’s no limit to what can be accomplished. You just have to listen to some of the music we’ve recorded or see a live performance to understand what’s possible.

     We work on original music to help everyone develop the most important element of any successful vocalist or musician – expression. The ability to communicate emotions and ideas is the essence of art. Once you can tap into that 

and commit to doing your best work, you have a power that not only makes you an incredible performer, it gives you the key to achieve any important goal.

     Most of our students have gone on to pursue professional music in one way or another. This program, combined with their own hard work and motivation, has laid a foundation for them that can open up next level possibilities. Excellence is its own reward, there are always huge benefits in learning to do something to the best of your abilities.

     There is no lack of talented young vocalists and musicians in central VA. If you have the motivation to work hard and become the best you can be, contact us for an audition — we’d love to meet you!

There are many ways to get involved:

  • Like to write lyrics or help with shows, but don’t want to perform? Contact us.

  • Work with an organization that could use free, quality live music to help its cause?
    Let us know.

  • Want to support a proven youth music program with no paid staff and very little overhead? Please donate.

  • Want to tell us how you think we could do an even better job of helping young musicians achieve their dreams? We’d love to hear from you.