We work really hard toward putting on the best show possible and sharing that with as many people as we can, including the special needs community where we focus our charity performances. We need all the help we can get to reach our goals and keep reaching higher. We’re always interested in talented high school vocalists and musicians. We like to work with other students who want to be involved to work on our technical crews. We get support from professional musicians who help mentor the band. And we are sustained by generous donors that make sure we can keep producing amazing events. Thanks, everyone, for your help. We couldn’t do it without you.



If you are a rising 9th through 12th grader, you are eligible to audition to play in the band. We begin looking for next year’s band members in March, based on space left after returning members re-commit. There is no fee for auditions or for membership in the band. Please click here to set up an audition or get answers to your questions.

Our goal for our band members is to provide them with high quality equipment and a structured approach that will allow them to succeed and develop. Taking potential and turning it into workable, pro level talent is what we’re striving for.

We support a core band and a number of side projects. Our students work together to create the highest possible quality of music by focusing on 3 key areas:

  1. Execution  –  We work to identify and refine the fundamentals of execution that make the difference between OK and great. We break down and recreate existing music to learn precision and expressive playing and singing.
  2. Imagination  –  How would you recreate a favorite song in a different style? We take songs and remake them to learn what you can do with existing melodies and structures.
  3. Creativity  –  Original music is not made completely from a blank page. There are theoretical and structural guidelines to help build music from the ground up.

By the end of our yearly season, we’ve put together a CDs worth of original music. We go into a recording studio to record and mix our music before sending it off to be mastered and turned into a finished product. This is the final project of each year and serves as a lasting reminder of what we accomplish.

We will aspire to the highest performance level possible. Our year will be broken into two major sections. Song writing and rehearsals will be the focus of the first half of the year. That will prepare us for the second half of the year where the focus will shift to staging and performing our concerts. Throughout the year, students will be expected to also work on their own to re-enforce the lessons we learn together. This commitment to excellence is necessary to reach everyone’s potential.


Yesterday and Tomorrow performs for charities and in service to school music programs. Our primary charity focus is with the special needs community and we perform several events each year for them. This is possibily the most fun way to earn community service hours while helping a great cause.


We have two levels of commitment. Our core band is the main band for performances and recording. We also sponsor side projects that have more flexible schedules and goals.

Core band members commit for a full school year. We have two practices per week (currently 11 to 1 Saturdays and 7 to 9 Mondays). We expect work to be done outside of practice, that allows us to keep our hours together at a more modest level. Band members are excused from practice if they have mandatory school activities that conflict.

Side projects can create their own practice schedule and have more choice over musical direction. The side projects do need to be productive in order to continue to be supported. Performance and recording time depend on the level of work and commitment of the side projects.

We schedule performances around all known potential conflicts, but once scheduled, performances are mandatory with the only exceptions granted in cases of severe illness or family emergency. The 5 or so major performances should be (mostly, if not all) scheduled for Friday nights. We play a special needs dance most months on the third Friday of that month – this is a great opportunity for our side projects to get performance time.


If you are a talented high school musician or vocalist, we’d like to meet you! Click here contact us to find out more.

All auditions will be by appointment only. Parents are welcome to attend.

You can arrange an audition and get any questions answered by contacting us.

If you are offered a spot in the band, we will sit down with you and your parents to discuss and finalize details.


It takes more than a group of musicians to put on a great performance. It also takes a dedicated technical team to manage the sound, lights and stage. No experience is necessary, but we need students who will strive to do a professional quality job and enjoy working closely with the band. We will need enough tech crew members to staff each performance without requiring each tech staff member to be at every show.

Tech crew members earn hours toward their required service hours for school. Yesterday and Tomorrow is an official 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Our sound crew runs an advanced digital mixing board. Live mixing of the shows is done with an iPad controlling the board from the front of the house (in the audience). Sound team members work on the most complicated tech crew task, there’s a learning curve for the equipment and every performance venue will be a little different. This is vitally important and rewarding challenge.

Our stage crew is responsible for tuning and changing out guitars and basses as well as coming to the rescue when things go wrong. This may not sound like a big deal, but without this support, a show can grind down to an ugly halt.

We have a killer light show  – programmable rotating stage spots and wash lights, laser, follow spot and fog machine. The lights are controlled by lighting software and we’re able to control that with an iPad, just like the sound. This is a chance to be a pioneer. Any experience working with lighting systems in the schools is helpful, but not necessary. We need at least 2 lighting techs for each show – one to run our stage lights and one to run the follow spot. Lighting techs have a chance to help design as well as run the light show.

If you’re interested in joining our tech crew, please click the Contact link. Tell us your interests, ask any questions you may have and we will contact you for further discussion.


You’ve just found out your kid wants to play in a rock band. Good times, right?

You’re good parents so you want to support your children’s passion and talent. And then the list of considerations start to hit you.

Equipment is expensive. What do you do when the police come to tell you the music coming from your garage is too loud? What if they don’t come? How do you maintain sanity while your house shakes for several hours at a time? What kind of sketchy places will they find to perform in (and who’s with them when they do?). Do they really think they’ll be able to make a living playing music and how long will they end up living in your house after they find out how hard that is?

Yesterday & Tomorrow offers a unique and special opportunity for a select group of high school students to pursue their music dreams without dramatically increasing your stress levels. We’ll work to help your students achieve their potential in a more structured and safe environment.

There’s no fee for joining the band. No cost for equipment, we supply professional grade equipment. We have a permanent practice studio. We supply adult direction and mentoring from professional musicians. We schedule performances in safe environments: schools, churches and possibly outdoor concerts and festivals.

What we require is a really strong commitment to hard work and to the rehearsal and performance schedule. Our season runs in parallel to the school year. Rehearsals are twice a week, two hours one weeknight and two hours on Saturday. We attempt to schedule rehearsal days to best work around students’ other commitments (currently Mondays 6 to 8 and Saturdays 11 to 1). Performances are scheduled for the second half of the school year. We will not schedule events at the same time as your student’s mandatory school events.

Making sure your student gets to all rehearsals and performances is a critical piece of help that we will expect from parents of band members. Students are responsible for practice away from rehearsals and performances and we need your help there as well to ensure everyone is doing the work we expect. We want your student to be successful in school so we will be conscious of that in setting band work loads.

Beyond that, we won’t require any volunteer work from the parents. But we do welcome help from parents and believe that the more the parents are involved, the more successful we all will be. We can help you figure out what you can do to help if you have the time.

Please visit our About YaT page to learn more about our organization and use the Contact Us link to ask any questions you may have before auditions are scheduled. We will meet with the parents before their student is fully enrolled in the band. Once enrolled, we will maintain an open line of communication with all parents of band members.


We actively seek professional musicians to help develop the musical and performance skills of members of the band. If you have even a couple hours to share your knowledge with us, we’d love to hear from you.

We’re not looking for our mentors to teach standard music lessons. Instead, we’re hoping for insights and tips on techniques, writing styles, performance and everything else it takes to put on a quality show.

Click the Contact link if you’d like to help. Dave Matthews, Joe Bonamassa, you guys are welcome to stop by any time.


Want to be a part of the fun? We need help taking pictures and video of the band and also spreading the word through social media. If you’re a high school student and commit to doing a professional quality job to help us out, you can make a huge impact on attendance at our shows and our ability to fundraise to keep this good thing going. We are forever grateful for our friends who help us out. Use the Contact link to let us know you’re interested.


We believe that music and music education is really important in the development of students, including many areas of development outside of music. Numerous studies have shown the benefits of a musical education extend to academic and social improvements. We also believe that the community at large benefits from the entertainment of well performed shows.

In addition, we perform for special needs events as our primary charity focus. This is as important for our students as it is for the cause we serve. Who said you can’t have fun and give back all at the same time?

Quality isn’t cheap. Even with no paid staff, putting on a professional show takes money. We’re committed to supplying our students with first class equipment to give them a real shot at success. We have high quality music and lighting equipment, but we need to be able to maintain that over time. We would like to have all our band members have access to laptops with recording software to aid in the writing process.

Yesterday & Tomorrow is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, so all donations are tax deductable. We plan on developing a donor reward and recognition program, but we hope to find support in the early stages based on the value of our mission.

We also hope to team with businesses that share our mutual interest in promoting music education. The band doesn’t take the place of more traditional music lessons—we will strongly encourage our students to continue with their lessons outside the band. We believe that we can generate excitement for getting involved with music that will lead to more business opportunities for music stores and lesson providers. We would love to promote your business at our events and on our web site. We also have access to the incredible talent at Corn Design so we can promote your business in style.

Please click the Contact link to discuss sponsorship opportunities and other ways you can help.