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If you have seen us live in the last 3 years, or heard our last 2 CDs, chances are very good that the first question you will ask is: Who is that guy playing drums and what did they do to make him look like a high school student?

Because our drummer is no ordinary high school musician. He is Marlon Harris, Jr. and he’s the most driven musician I’ve ever met.

I first met Marlon when he was 12 in the summer before he started 8th grade. He was already a fixture in the drum room at Guitar Center where you could find him playing drums for hours at a time. He didn’t have a great place at home to be able to play with power, so his Dad would take him to Guitar Center and patiently wait until he could drag Marlon away until the next time. I think Marlon looked forward to going to Guitar Center as much as most people his age look forward to going to Disney World!

I only needed to hear 10 seconds of his playing to know I wanted to have Marlon join the band I was forming a little over 3 years ago. I have never regretted bending the rules to let him in before he started high school. He’s as good a kid as he is a drummer and we love his energy and sense of humor as much as we love his skills.

Last week, Marlon got the chance he’s been waiting many years for when he was able to play in the Guitar Center Drum Off finals for the Midlothian store (you have to be 16 to enter). Even against several very talented, and older, drummers,  Marlon WON!!!!!!

Now Marlon travels on the Quarterfinals in Rockville, MD on October 25. From there, he is possibly 2 stages away from winning the national competition! If you’d like to see how high Marlon’s goals are, check out some of the past winners here.

Marlon, we all wish you the best and we know you’ll give a great effort!

Please send us postcards and backstage passes when you reach your next level of fame.

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Come Play With the Best!

If you are a talented high school musician or vocalist and you want to advance your skills while performing with Central VA’s best, we want to meet you!

We have professional level equipment, a permanent rehearsal space, plenty of live performance opportunities and we record a CD of original music each year! Many of our performances are for the special needs community, so you can also earn community service hours.

AND IT’S FREE!!!!!!!!!!

If you know you’re good and have a strong desire to get better, this is a chance that’s too good to pass up.

Click here for more info. Starting the process is as easy as clicking here to let us know about you and to get any questions answered.

Seriously, click here!  What are you waiting for?

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Rock with a Reason

We have performed for several charities over the past 2 years including Habitat for Humanity, The Founders Center for Autism, United Way and the American Cancer Society. It’s important for us to do what we can to give back to our community.

This year, we have made the special needs community our primary focus. This is a cause I really care about and one where I believe we can make a difference. We are hoping to maintain this focus for years to come!

We have already connected with several opportunities to perform for special needs causes.

We will be working with Chamberlayne Heights United Methodist to play at their monthly special needs dance. I came out to see this dance last month and am so excited to have our students play for such a large and loving crowd. I expect this to be the most fun set of performances we do this year.

We will also be playing at the Souper Bowl (not that Super Bowl, that will be Lady Gaga!) at Positive Vibe Café on Saturday November 19. The Positive Vibe Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to training and employing people with disabilities in food services. We are honored to work with Positive Vibe to advance their cause. We will post our time slot as the event gets closer. I hope you all can make it out for great food and music and to help make a difference.

We’ve had an initial talk with The Greater Richmond ARC and we’re looking forward to playing for some events in the near future. ARC does an incredible job helping create life-fulfilling opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Check out their new ARCpark, a place where everyone, regardless of age or ability, can play together. So cool.

We will continue to look for more chances to help and I’m confident that this will be as rewarding for our students as it is for this special community.

If you’d like to talk with us about our involvement with special needs causes, please contact us here.

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Welcome to a new season of YaT

We have already begun our fourth season and like every season before, this promises to be the best one ever. We ended last season with our second CD, For Today I’m Fine – check it out here. If there a better band of high school musicians anywhere, I’d really like to know about it!

I will be putting up an individual post for each of our band members in the coming weeks so you can get to know them better. For now, I want to briefly introduce this year’s band.

We have three original members going into their fourth year. Peter Wellman is our assistant director and plays keys and bass (and sometimes guitar and drums, not all at the same time!), Marlon Harris, Jr., who has to be the best high school drummer in central VA (and probably over a much larger area than that), and Lindy Pokorny, our vocal director and lead vocalist. Just having these 3 would mean we had a really good band, but it doesn’t stop there. Ryan Fischer, back for his second year on guitar, is our student rep on the Board of Directors as well as guitar director and Jordan Reinecke is back on guitar to have his first year as part of the core band. Vocalist Jessica Beaudet is back singing with her best friend, Lindy and Maggie Scott joins us on vocals in the core band for her first full year (she’s only a freshman, we hope to have her around for years to come!). And finally, we have Erin Harper back playing bass for her second year and first as a full time member of the core band.

This year, we are working with a number of exciting side projects. These give us an opportunity to work with more students and to let those students exercise a larger degree of freedom with their music.

Among the side project members we have Charlie Norse on guitar and Daniel Adkins on guitar and bass (and sometimes drums). Charlie is in his third year with the band (he was in the very first YaT band) and Daniel is back for his second year. We also have Parker Reinecke (drums), Caleb Cutchins and Jeremiah Martin (guitar). We’re excited to be working with so many talented musicians. We are working on expanding our side projects, so our growth’s not over yet.

Stay tuned for much more info on this blog and across social media. I know I’ve promised that in the past, but this time the band members are going to help out so it really will happen this time! We’ll be putting out lots of content (videos, recordings, photos and important random thoughts) on a regular basis.

As always, you can contact me here.

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Time of the Season

After working in secret for the first half of the year in our studio lab, we are ready to unleash our powers on the world!

Well, maybe that’s a little over the top, but we are really excited to announce our first concert of the season. It will be at Cosby High School on Thursday, January 28th at 7PM. The show is FREE!

The band returns a strong core from last year and adds some great new talent. We will even have a second band, that we started this year, play a few songs. We are trying to deepen our bench and bring this opportunity to even more high school musicians.

We’ll be playing songs from our first CD (you can listen to that here) as well as some new material for this year’s upcoming CD. Add in some choice covers and a little bit of improv and you’ll get a pretty good idea of the quality and range of the band.

We would especially like to invite all middle and high school students with an interest in music. We’d like to share the fun and show you all what high school musicians can do with dedication and passion. We have all-star students from Clover Hill, Thomas Dale, James River, Cosby and Appomattox Regional Governor’s School for the Arts. We’ll be looking to add more talented, hard working, high school musicians in April, so come check our show out!

We’ve invited the Chesterfield County middle and high school music and choral directors to check us out as well. We play all our shows for FREE and we’d love to partner with the music programs to promote music education and raise money for your programs.

This is a great opportunity for school music booster organizations to see first hand how we can help you raise money for your groups. I know you don’t have many chances at a no-risk fund raiser with 100% return. We would just ask that you promote a future concert at your school (we are authorized to schedule use of your auditoriums, depending on availability) and sell tickets. Again, 100% of the ticket revenue would go to your programs.

So, come out on the 28th to rock out on some great music!

Bring your friends!

contact me

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Them Changes

If anyone out there has been looking for signs of life from Yesterday and Tomorrow by looking for new blog entries, I apologize!

We are very much still alive and well as we move into our third season. It’s tough to keep up the blog posts when working with the band takes so much of my time. Playing music is more fun than talking about it.

However, I’ll try and mend my ways and post more frequently so our supporters can keep up with what’s happening in the band.

I’ll have a post soon about this year’s members of the band, but you can take a peek at them here for now. This is going to be a really good year with so much of last year’s band back and plenty of new vocal and guitar talent!

We have released our first CD! It will be available in iTunes and on Amazon as well as many other platforms, but you can listen to it and download songs for free by clicking here!  We’re already starting to work on songs for this year’s CD – we are planning on raising funds for that starting in January and hope to be back in the studio in May.

The next bit of big news is that we are now performing all our shows to help charities and school music programs to fundraise so they can continue doing their great work. We are offering our services for free to the deserving organizations who partner with us, we’re looking forward to seeing how much we can do with the power of music. One of my favorite causes is aiding the autism community and we will be playing at Rockin’ for Autism at the downtown Capital Ale House on November 8 from 2 to 8 (we go on at 4).

We’re thrilled to be working more closely with the school music programs to help them raise money for their programs and to raise some excitement for music education. We’ve had some great conversations with Dr. Marcus Newsome, Superintendent of Chesterfield County Schools and Dr. Robin Yohe, Director of Performing Arts programs in Chesterfield County Schools. They are both enthusiastic about having Yesterday and Tomorrow work with their music programs and we are talking to band and choral directors about performing shows for them to raise money and get students more interested in participating in music classes. We’ll keep you posted as our schedule for 2016 develops.

Please check out our CD and let us know what you think by contacting me here.

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